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So I found a blog that I've been enjoying quite thoroughly -- Paige Z's Tarot and Tea. I followed her on instagram, and after seeing her daily readings I decided to find a tarot deck that I liked, and start learning to read the cards! All these years I had seen tarot circulating the internet, but only read posts that broke down the meanings in ways that felt insincere. Her readings were down to earth, made sense, and made me look at tarot in a new light. Thanks Paige! I can't wait to start learning more about these cards!

In my gaiwan is Verdant Tea's 5 year aged Tieguanyin. I got some as a sample with my most recent order (a restock of their delicious Dragonwell) and enjoyed the little bit I received! It smelled like wheatgress and bitter greenness. The leaves were rolled tightly, green, and had slightly broken edges.

It was malty in flavor with an almost chestnut-like quality to it. Following the smooth nutty note I was hit with a splash of kiwi and orchid, as well as olive oil (which I wouldn't have so specifically stated if not for the mention on their product page.) Had they not listed olive oil I don't think I would have EVER been able to figure out what that one mellow flavor was. It would have driven me crazy.

It was remarkably smooth to drink. Sipping on it felt like the tea was making a film on the back of my tongue, giving me a lingering note of orchid. It was delightful. It made for an interesting entry in my tea journal!

tea notes.

The apartment has been so hot lately. The East Coast is getting nailed with humidity, high temps, and lots of storms. I don't mind the storms -- but I do mind the heat. The AC unit my mom got us is keeping the loft nice and cool so Ryan and I can be on our computers in comfort. The downstairs is so muggy, though. I try to use window fans to get some cool air in from the shady forest in the backyard, but it only lets the humidity in.

I actually put down the teacup one afternoon and cracked open an ice cold cider instead! When it's too hot for me to drink tea ... well, it's simply too hot. Dear weather: please chill out. Literally and figuratively, thanks!!!

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  1. Danielle, you are such a sweet! I'm glad you were inspired. Your kind words are so touching. Thank you!

    I can't wait to hear more of your Tarot escapades. Much love, my dear.

    Hooray! Huzzah! Tea is magic! Tarot is magic!


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