Tuesday, February 24, 2015

a few changes!

okayti silver needle darjeeling.

So as some of you may notice ... the URL for the blog has changed from sageandspice.com to teaconjurer.com! I've been dissatisfied with the name of the blog for the longest time, but never had the motivation to actually change anything. I then thought that perhaps updating the blog's identity to better suit me would not only cure my dissatisfaction, but also give me incentive to do some spring cleaning with the look and feel of the site! ❤

I'm the gal that makes tea magically appear wherever I go so the title is fitting. :)

Unfortunately I am having difficulties getting sageandspice.com to forward to this URL automatically. I think it's because I bought my domain through google admin services (biggest mistake ever) and it's just not budging to let me forward it. Any advice, fellow identity changing bloggers?

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

school days.

Dangit! I swore I would stick to Teacup Thursdays. Between wacky weather, work, and the semester gaining momentum it slipped through the cracks a bit. I really don't want to let my blog fall by the wayside, but gosh I got a bit overwhelmed for a bit there. Plus, I was under the weather to boot! I had my first test and started researching pieces for my Eng. Comp II thesis. It's due at the end of the semester but I've already had to start working on it because it is that massive.

(Studying both in real life, and in my Animal Crossing house apparently!)

Recently I've been having a hard time sleeping, and have had to resort to coffee to wake me up these past few days. Boy, it tears my stomach right up! I still carry my trusty thermos of tea but I mostly use that to defrost after the long, frigid walk from the parking lot. When I get home I crash, pass out for a while, and then I have a hard time falling asleep at a reasonable hour. It's a vicious cycle. I'm off tomorrow so I plan on sleeping in and trying to get to bed super early so I can just have my Earl Grey and not shell out $4 for a hyperactive bellyache beverage! 

And now ... I'm off to bed! Goodnight, dear readers! ❤