Friday, June 5, 2015

thurbo moonlight darjeeling from golden tips tea.

It went from incredible summery warmth to sudden spring coolness practically overnight. June started out with lots of rain, but I'm thankful for it! I think I tend to enjoy tea more when it's ever so slightly cool outside. Seeing as I didn't particularly want to go out I decided it would be a perfect time to review a tea! Today I'm drinking a sample sent over from Golden Tips Tea -- their Thurbo Moonlight Darjeeling! This is a second flush Darjeeling (picked summer 2014) and is FTGFOP1 'Moonlight' grade. The leaves are brown with golden tips and hues of warm green scattered throughout. I was instantly reminded of autumn foliage when I opened the bag to look at them.

This isn't the sort of tea that's meant to be consumed as a morning pick-me-up. It's a very light & mellow cup which is best suited for enjoying during the day. It brews a light gold color and the aroma is very mild but sweet.

The tea has no astringency that I can detect. The muscatel note is prominent upon first sip, and lingers into the aftertaste with a slight tartness. It is ever so slightly floral which sweetens the cup and makes the flavor seem more refined. I am almost reminded of lychee fruit -- sweet & tangy with an almost perfumey floral flavor coming into play. Instead of lychee flavor outright, however, the core of the tea is a soft grape. This Darjeeling is incredibly pleasant to drink. It is definitely one of those brews that encourages you to savor every sip you take.

This tea is the perfect companion to a good book and soft music. Once I finish this post I'll be brewing the remainder of the sample and spending my afternoon reading and relaxing!

Check this tea out along with others at the Golden Tips Tea website!