Sunday, July 3, 2016

keemun imperial black tea from teavivre.

keemun imperial black tea.

Hello friends, long time no see! Apologies for getting burnt out on tea blogging a little bit. I took some time away from sharing everything I was sipping and focused on enjoying things in the moment, and finally I feel the drive to write and share my tea adventures again! Despite being inactive here I've been consistently active on my instagram account. Check me out there!

I was sent a parcel from Teavivre of their Spring 2016 teas, and was thrilled to find the Keemun Imperial black tea tucked inside! A properly done Keemun always makes me think of chilly October afternoons, woodsmoke in the air, and honey-sweet treats -- this particular tea did just that!

This variety of Keemun seemed heavy on the chocolate note. The leaves brewed a lovely clear amber cup. The steam smelled like cocoa and wildflower honey with a slight bit of woodiness. The first sip is smooth and sweet with a slightly smoky tang on the back of the tongue. The malty note keeps this tea feeling earthy and not overly sweet. The malt creates a heartiness that makes this Keemun perfect for sipping in the cooler months (don't let that stop you from brewing in the summer!) and results in a very enjoyable cup. It resteeped nicely and the quality of the brew remained strong after 3 infusions.

Things that came to mind while I sipped: cocoa, dark honey, toast, smoke, pumpkins, autumn air.

The Keemun Imperial black tea was smooth, rich, and very comforting. I recommend picking this one up if you enjoy black teas with cocoa notes, or if you like daydreaming about autumn weather!

amber brew.