Sunday, October 22, 2017

a little break.

stayman winesap.

School has had me drained these past few weeks, and so I was so thankful to have a chance to get away from my studies and spend some time outdoors with some wonderful friends! Even now I should be writing an essay, but I am tired of being glued to history books for the time being.

We drove to Solebury Orchards, a local pick-your-own apple spot nestled within the most idyllic spread of farmlands and colonial buildings our area has to offer.

The three of us wandered deep into the rows of Stayman Winesap apples and ultimately spent more time taking photos than picking apples, but we did get a good amount of fruit from the loaded branches! The weather was a bit unseasonably warm, and the sun made it feel like it was more August than October, but the smell of apples in the air was undeniably autumnal.

everything apple.

Once my assignments let up I hope to bake these apples into pie, and have some cozy food ready for when the temperatures dip back down into chillier territory. I left the orchard with some wonderful cider, lots of donuts, and a warm feeling in my heart. All too often schoolwork forces me to become reclusive and bars from me from getting out and having fun. This week was so severe that I started feeling less like a person, and more like a robot just processing information for upcoming tests.

I'm so thankful I got to spend the day away from my computer, my schoolwork, and everything else that has been looming over me. Today was such a happy day shared with wonderful people!

Sunday, October 8, 2017

a long absence.

tea & studies.

Hello, my friends. The time came to renew my domains, and I thought to navigate to this old blog that has collected dust for many months. Sitting in my posts was a draft with this photo at the very top, and I decided to finally post it and perhaps explain my long absence from my little corner of the internet.

School has been absolutely incredible. I am all at once thrilled, terrified, frustrated, and deeply satisfied with the experience. Bryn Mawr has pulled me out of my comfort zone, forced me into situations that I would have altogether avoided, and I have felt myself evolve during my time there. The downside to that experience was struggling to find free time for little side projects like my blog, felting, and embroidering. My attention had to shift elsewhere, and small things like that fell by the wayside.

Now that I am more accustomed to the expectations placed upon me at school, I turn once again to the small things that filled my free time. My tea time has not been nearly what it once was -- in the mornings I make a mug of Earl Grey tea with a spot of milk and honey, and then I set off on my day. I still have a variety of tea in my cupboard, but gone are the days where I would snatch up seasonal releases of small batch teas and jot down notes in earnest. The specialty teas only come out for company, rarely for myself, and I find it a bit saddening at times. Last year I was at school 5 days a week, and had a long commute to deal with too. This year I have actual weekdays off, which is a blessing, and I am trying to find ways to incorporate my old routines into these periods of free time.

I want to return to this blog, but I think that it will not be so wholly tea-centric as it once was. There will always be an element of my favorite brew about, but perhaps now I will write more about what I'm doing academically and professionally. At the forefront of my mind is art history, and history in general. It might be fun to share a cup of tea and discuss the nuances of style in Mannerist art, examine material culture in the Baroque period, question the meaning of bizarre drolleries in manuscripts, or invite you to sit with your own cup of tea in hand and reflect on the sensations and impressions contained within Monet's paintings.

I apologize for disappearing for a time, but I do hope that you will join me again soon for my adventures as a fledgling art historian with a cup of Earl Grey always in hand.

With love,