Friday, July 5, 2013



This morning I am drinking Numi's tried-and-true Aged Earl Grey. I can never go wrong with brewing this tea in the morning. I was going to make scones, but as it turns out, I wasn't paying attention to our groceries, and the milk in our fridge was a bit too old for me to bake with. Thankfully my mother dropped off some cream earlier so I was able to have nice milky tea with some of my Abuela's rice pudding for breakfast.

Ryan went to NYC last night with the guys for a 4th of July party ... while I opted to stay home in lieu of cooler accommodations, low noise, gluten free foods, and peacefulness after a very rough week at work. I suspect the humidity the area is getting has resulted in shorter tempers and more briskness overall. Even I found myself irritable at very small things when standing in the sticky heat. I don't think I would have taken well to the way cities smell in the heat of summer, and the overall aggressiveness of the populace.

I realized it was my first night alone in our new apartment. Seeing as the building is so very old I, of course, started thinking about ghosts and the possibility of having an ethereal roommate that only comes out when the lady of the house is alone. I also started thinking about 28 Days Later, and then The Last of Us, and then couldn't stop thinking about fast zombies on top of my previous lingering ghost thoughts.

Seriously, who came up with fast zombies? Those things are TERRIFYING.

(These are things I do to myself often. I even made myself jump over my own reflection in a window.)

In order to counteract my incredible ability to freak myself out, I made an Earl Grey cocktail, and put on a Bollywood move: Om Shanti Om! I used the Earl Grey Infused Gin recipe from The Framed Table, and it turned out wonderfully! I danced away the evening in my Animal Crossing town (aptly named 'Teacup'), watered the flowers in the village, and finally went to bed. I survived my first night alone!

 PS: Do any of you have Animal Crossing: New Leaf? It is one of my favorite things to play!


  1. I love that picture, wow! Even though I'm a huge fan of Animal Crossing, I am waiting for them to release a version for the Wii-U. I don't know why it's taking so long though! :/


    1. YES IT IS!!! All the songs are so good that I don't mind them being stuck in my head for days. :D

  3. Aaaaaannnd now I have the Om Shanti Om song stuck firmly in my head...great song, great movie! Bollywood = the awesome.

    1. Haha! Success! Whenever I listen to the song I always bop around to it for the rest of the day. They made it entirely too catchy. :)


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