Thursday, May 23, 2013

welcome home.

window seat.

This past weekend Ryan and I moved into our very first apartment together! It's an old stone inn from the 1700s that has been refurbished into lovely rustic apartments (like something I'd see on a mori girl tumblr!) On our street are little historical plaques stating the date on which some of the buildings were defended during the Revolutionary War! It's very neat and gives you an idea of just how old these structures are!

Now, this was very stressful for me, and Ryan took my fear and attitude like a champ. I moved a lot during my childhood and my most recent home was where I had been given the opportunity to stay a while and make friends, and truly get to know an area. Moving away from that made my gut clench, tears well, and a whole new level of anxiety spring up. I snapped without meaning to, I was a little ball of negativity, and I was scared as hell. Ryan smiled at me when I was frowning, did lots of heavy lifting, and took care of me when I couldn't really contribute to the move with my mindset. My family helped pick up my slack as well!

Despite my sour attitude, we made it! This is my first day off since we moved all our boxes in, and it's my first chance to truly relax in our new home. Now without stress and homesickness fogging my vision, I've been able to truly appreciate the place we were lucky enough to find.

It's beautiful. The walls were originally covered with stucco and the owner stripped it all and exposed the amazing stonework that laid beneath. The floorboards upstairs are the original planks, and are wide and from very old growth trees. They're gorgeous, dark, and glossy. I'm not sure if the floorboards downstairs are original, but they are also very old and beautiful. The upstairs has cathedral ceilings with the original wood beams exposed. It sounds amazing during rain, and feels incredible to walk around in.

The apartment even came with a hutch that I assume was too much of a pain to move. It has lead glass windows and currently houses the teacups I was able to fit in the move, and my teapots. It will soon be filled when I head back home with boxes and bring the rest of my teaware over.

My family helped so much along the way, and even thinking about it is enough to make me very sniffly. I've moved a whole 20 minutes from my old house, but somehow it feels so far away from where I grew up. Especially when I don't see my family every evening chattering in the kitchen. :(



kitchen view.

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