Sunday, May 12, 2013


Ryan and I put a deposit down on our first ever apartment together! I haven't even started packing, but the move-in date is projected to occur before the month's end. The owner of the building is refinishing the original hardwood floors, painting, resealing some of the stone by the window, and making sure everything is in tip-top shape for us. Ryan and I were in love the moment we saw the exposed stone walls & wood floors & windows.

I can't wait to take photos of my tea in all the natural lighting. I will be posting more photos once the landlord has finished sprucing the place up -- it seemed silly to photograph everything when it would look much better a week later. It even came with the hutch in the above photo -- perfect home for my teaware!

The most fun and unique part is that it is a 2 floor apartment! We have a full dining area, living area, kitchen and bathroom, and the bedroom is an upstairs loft! Of course we got a loft like that just before summertime hits, but the windows will accommodate an AC unit for us (as I cannot stand extremes of either temperature.)

Ryan brought home boxes from work and I'm sitting here telling myself, "Oh I don't have that much to pack..." but I am ABSOLUTELY LYING TO MYSELF. I am so grateful I have the next few days off so I can start packing all my little knick-knacks. I am also so grateful that I won a lot of teacups from eBay and the seller was utterly excessive with the protective packaging. The surplus of bubble wrap is very much a blessing for all the fragile things I've had for ages sitting in my room.


We will have an apartment like the cottage-style ones I always am envious of on tumblr. We will have breakfast together, tea and coffee in the sunshine with our Chai-kitty, and a lovely abode to call our own.

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