Monday, August 15, 2016

two weeks.

quiet afternoon.

Such a strange feeling -- in two weeks time I'll be starting classes at my dream school. I had applied and constantly told myself to not get my hopes up, and then in May I found out I was accepted. I was in quite a state of shock, and ended up bursting into tears when I found out at work!

I've been largely absent online over the summer because of that. You know how, when a major life change is happening, you kinda want to just focus on finding your center? That's what I've been doing. For the past few years my main focus was building up my academic resume to make up for my poor performance in high school (10 years ago!) and now my focus is shifting towards my long term career goals.

I read lots and lots of books this summer. Not new ones, but old favorites. I focused on creating a space that was perfectly peaceful and shifted my room around a lot. I talked with my adviser about my interests, and I started to get excited. Excited and terrified. The school is a very rigorous women's liberal arts college. They expect a lot from their students, and soon I'll be spending much of my free time working on assignments after class in a library carrel.

I never really thought I'd be excited about this sort of thing. I was never one to care much about school identity. I never had much "school spirit" ... until now. During my tour of the campus I realized it resonated with me in a way that no other school had. I can't wait to take part in the school traditions. I can't wait to make this school my second home.

I hope all has been well with you, friends! I can't wait to share this adventure with you!

little shadow.


  1. I certainly wish you well, in your new endeavor.

    Having read a comment by you, ("...miss my old abode! It had thick stone walls, was an inn during the revolutionary war, and housed the friendliest ghosts around.")... in guineverevonsneeden's Instagram, I am in hopes that you will have a few moments... To enlarge on your comment. It is delightful! The stone walls, inn during revolutionary war, friendly ghosts...!!! Oh my yes, delightful!

    Please would you tell me more?????

    Gentle hugs,
    Luna Crone

    1. Thank you so very much!! ❤

      And I would be delighted to tell you more! The old inn had been sectioned off to fit 6 tenants -- 2 on each of the 3 floors. The building had double stone walls so thick that you could comfortably sit on the windowsills and look outside. Everything was a bit crooked in the building -- not a single level surface to be found! We had a big old garden in the back that we all tended to. The landlord would drop off freshly baked bread to tenants on Wednesdays. I lived on the third floor and my apartment had an attic loft where I slept!

      I had moved into the building with my boyfriend at the time, but he walked out on our relationship on the New Year. It was very unexpected and left me in quite a state.

      I realized, quite suddenly, that I was never alone. I had the constant feeling of someone else in the room watching me. At first I was terribly scared, but then realized I was being watched out of concern. In moments of sadness I'd often feel a comforting touch on my shoulders. When I'd come home from a long day at work I would get the feeling that someone was SO happy to see me (other than my cat). They never made themselves visible, but I knew it was a man and a woman. I often wondered if they were the original innkeepers! I could always visualize the man at the door, arm extended, ushering me in excitedly. Sometimes I'd wake up and find that I'd been carefully tucked in. Some of my friends and family said they could feel something unusually welcoming about my home.

      I'd occasionally leave extra cups of tea out on the table for them! I do miss that place. It was such a wonderful experience -- I would move back there in a heartbeat if I wasn't taking on school full time!

  2. Oh thank you so much! What a wonderful, wonderful experience!

    They do sound as if they could be the original Innkeepers, don't they? So happy, in their chosen profession.

    Even if not their real presence, maybe the lingering impressions of their joy, in their care, for all the people who stayed with them...

    Whatever... Which ever.... What a lovely, lovely thing, to have experienced.

    Again, thank you for sharing this, with me.

    Gentle hugs,
    Luna Crone

  3. Best wishes, with starting your classes!!!!

    Gentle hugs,
    Luna Crone


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