Sunday, January 10, 2016

hello, 2016!

rose tea. (8/365)

One of my resolutions for the new year was to do a 365 photo project! 10 days in, however, and I'm already grappling with my belief of "quality over quantity" when it comes to photos. I had intended to post a week's worth of photos here but not all of them are really worth sharing on the blog. Instead I've selected 3 of my favorites from the week, but then what's the point of taking a photo every single day if I only share highlights and dump the rest on my flickr account? Grrrr. My perfectionist nature is a real beast.

Maybe a 365 photo project will be too much for me with work, 16 credits, and life on my plate. Maybe I should just aspire to take photos more often but not daily if they'll be mediocre. We'll see!

homework begins (10/365)

Surprisingly -- I'm already doing homework. Spring semester doesn't start until January 20th, but one of my professors emailed us and told us what the first assignment would be so we could get a head start. I'm pretty excited about the classes I'm taking: Introduction to Spanish, 19th Century English Literature, History of Western Civilization, and then my final required algebra course as well as public speaking (yuck).

bespectacled bear (7/365)

This week I was surprisingly busy. I had work, family was in from out of town, and I started swing dance classes! I spent a great deal of one day scouring an antique shop I had never been to and managed to find the darling cup pictured above. I then spent the rest of the day working on my college application and FAFSA paperwork (which I can't finish until I get my W2). This week I'm going to sit down and really work on my essays and hopefully get my applications to several schools submitted before classes start.

I think today I'll bake a batch of English toffee scones for the week ahead... I found a scone batter recipe that is my favorite yet! Firm, moist, crumbly, and not too sweet!

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  1. Starting a new project is always hard, sometimes it is just a question of getting used to the routine and trying to figure out how to make the most of it. Also, I don´t think your first 2016 pictures are bad at all! They are a good mixture of your personal style, together with some spontaneous daily moments. Actually, I find captivating to scroll through your project365 images and see a bit more of your day by day. Perfect pictures are fine, but in some occasions I feel everyone´s life on the internet is far too edited. So don´t give up! Maybe you will feel more motivated!


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