Saturday, March 1, 2014

winter blues.

winter blues.
afternoon ritual.

Winter has been rough this year. There have been many major storms battering our area, piling up snow, and making it nigh impossible to go out and enjoy yourself. While we had a lovely thaw (which I took full advantage of) they are saying we aren't out of the woods yet. Apparently our usual unwelcome March storm is upon us, and it will be bringing with it 6-10" of snow. I am tired of shoveling, slipping on ice, and getting stuck inside for days at a time until the roads are cleaned up. It also makes going to work THAT much more stressful.

Also, can I just rant for a moment about how utterly neglectful PennDOT has been in regards to the GIGANTIC car-eating potholes on almost every major road? I know that they prefer to repair things when winter ends, but they need to at least put temporary filler in. My mother and I actually drove past a hubcab graveyard today.

Every time I come home after dodging potholes I have to sit down and make myself tea. I need to loosen up, because I get SO tense when I see a giant unavoidable hole in the road waiting to wreck my car. This is bringing out the worst behavior in drivers too. When I see someone ahead dodging potholes I slow down and give them the space they need, but no one is ever that considerate for me. In fact, if you try to evade and slightly drift into their lane they will blare their horn and act like you're being reckless. Must remember to breathe and relax, must remember to not rudely gesture at inconsiderate drivers that totally deserve a middle finger, must remember that spring will be here soon.

sun dried jingshan green.

In the meantime, while being trapped inside, I've been recovering from my nasty chest cold. I spend my afternoons reading, watching Bollywood movies, drinking tea, and playing with Chai. I think I can finally catch my breath 2 weeks after my initial sickness. I can't wait to go outside and not be set into a coughing fit from the cold winter air. I don't even enjoy being out in the sun, but at this point I am longing to sit outside for a while and soak up some sunshine.

Dear spring ... come quickly! We are all in dire need of you!


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  1. Beautiful Pics... Winter Blues is a stupig thing... hope Spring comes soon...


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