Saturday, October 5, 2013

lazy days.

autumn sun.

These past few days I've been lazy with my blogging! (Sorry!!!!) Sometimes it feels good to put down the camera and just bop around without fretting about editing photos. Work has been hectic, but I've got lots of neat things in the works as well! I can't wait to share those fun tea related things with you soon!

We got a little taste of nippy autumn weather, but suddenly we're trudging through 85 degree days in OCTOBER. Ryan and I packed up our AC unit for the year, and as such the loft is a bit muggy. I would very much like for the chill to come back so I can wear the cozy black cape I found while shopping with my mom!

lazy days.

Check out my new tea area! Ryan went to the local Asian market and found me a nice low table to serve tea on. On top of that, my grandparents gifted us one of their old Oriental rugs to make our apartment more cozy. It's a wonderful addition to our little home, and has made my tea area so much nicer! I can't wait to have friends over, sit by the radiator, and serve them a warm cuppa tea.

Chai is a big fan of the table as she can rest her paws on the ledge while sitting on a cushion. She's my frequent guest at the tea table -- sometimes she even gets a tiny saucer of milk to drink while I sip my own tea!

kitty tea time.

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