Wednesday, April 10, 2013

unusually warm april.

the tea drinker.
(dress from forever21, vintage goldtone belt from etsy, glasses from warby parker)
So today our thermostats hit 87°F. It is early April. Why does it feel like July outside!?!?

Along with the really unusual temperature, I am super excited that we are being forecast for "strong storms" tonight. My favorite part about summertime is cracking open the windows and listening to the rumble of thunder in the distance, and occasionally running from windows when the thunder is exceptionally close and LOUD. I've missed the sound of heavy rainfall as well. I think we broke the record for the hottest temperature on this date!! I would very much like the April weather to resume, though, as I have yet to wear cardigans and still like holding a hot drink in my hand without feeling as if I were going to melt.

I've been drinking a lot of Numi's "Aged Earl Grey" lately and I have to admit ... it is super tasty. I don't normally take a gander at teas I can find in grocery aisles, but I think my pretentiousness has been making me miss out on a real gem. Both the tea bags and loose tea brew a really nice dark amber cup, and the bergamot is just right. I don't get a stomachache as I usually do with some Earl Greys (the creme varieties especially) and it was robust enough to wake me up at 6:30am, and mild enough to sip at while I edited photos this afternoon.

You should definitely give it a try if you've been feeling a bit "meh" about Earl Grey! No artificial flavorings too!

earl grey.

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