Saturday, February 2, 2013

"monk's choice" by mellow monk.

monk's choice.

Today I am drinking a tea purchased from my favorite Japanese tea shop: Mellow Monk! This particular photo shows their Monk's Choice blend, and it is apparently their grower's most popular tea.

I was always extremely fond of their Harmony Blend (a genmaicha!) because it went well with breakfast, lunch, AND dinner ... but when I went to restock this past week I found they were sold out! 

I figured it was as good a time as any to try some of their other green teas since my favorite was unavailable. I decided to purchase the Monk's Choice, and I think I might be in love! I found that the first sip made me think of the first warm day of spring, which is lovely, because it is bitter cold where I live. It has a vegetal/grassy taste, but with very little astringency. It is sweet and smooth, and something about it feels lightly citrusy to me.

The aftertaste is smooth and has a light nutty flavor ... also reminiscent of toasted pumpkin seeds!

It brewed a very light green cup, and was very gentle on my stomach. I usually drink their genmaicha in the mornings because it warms me up, perks me up, and never leaves me feeling a bit queasy. For as much as I love tea ... drinking it early in the morning is generally a bad choice for me. I can only handle taking in extremely mild things prior to 10am. Now I know I can turn to their tamaryokucha/guricha in the mornings when their genmaicha is unavailable. :) So happy to know I have another early morning tea to start my day with!

I highly recommend browsing their selection and picking some tea up. You'll be pleasantly surprised at how affordable and high quality their teas are!


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