Thursday, December 13, 2012

incredibly excited for the hobbit tonight!

supreme breakfast tea.

I am seeing The Hobbit tonight, and couldn't be MORE excited! I've been listening to the soundtrack since it was released and have been going over some of my favorite portions in the book.  I read the book when I was rather young, and it left quite an impression on me (as did the Lord of the Rings trilogy & The Silmarillion.)

Rarely do I get this excited over enduring crowds for a midnight release! I'm hoping to see many hobbits, wizards, dwarves, and elves outside the theater tonight. :)

Today I'm drinking what I feel is the most "hobbity" tea I have, out of my favorite rustic stoneware teacup!

Harney & Sons "Supreme Breakfast" is strong, dark, and malty. Makes me think of the raw wildflower honey this area produces which looks like molasses. I can imagine some of the folk from The Shire brewing a pot of this up before tending to their gardens and livestock. Plays very nicely with cream, sugar, and meadowfoam honey. In reality, it can be taken in whichever way you prefer and will still be delicious and perk you right up!

curious cat.
(Chai even wanted a cup of it!)


  1. You have a most delightful site.. your photos are fabulous!!!

  2. amazing photos, your tea sounds lovely! :]x


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