Tuesday, October 23, 2012

pumpkin chai.

warm cup.

Today is it cold and overcast in our area. The leaves are in full foliage and I figured I'd brew up an autumn tea I've heard so many good things about! DAVIDsTEA makes a seasonal Pumpkin Chai that is out of this world.

pumpkin chai.

I love how it looks in the tin. It is so pretty and colorful! The little pumpkin candies are very charming, and it smells so warm. When I brew the tea it has a very brown sugary and spicy smell, but it's not like other chais at all. The spice isn't strong, instead the pumpkin is the primary flavor, and the spice is soft and accentuates it. It needs no sweeteners as there are candy and caramel pieces integrated within the tea.

The black tea base itself isn't the strongest, but I think that's for the best. If it were any heavier I might not be able to drink so much in one sitting, and the soft flavoring would be lost!

I strongly recommend it for cozying up and drinking during cold weather. :)

Additionally, Natalie at Vanillery Garden posted a lovely video I had to share!


Ryan sent his bike into a local shop for repairs, and we'll be going out Friday and riding along the canals near Lambertville and Frenchtown. Can't wait to ride my bike with the leaves falling all around us!

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