Wednesday, November 7, 2012

spiced tea & snow.

So I woke up this morning thinking it would be a rainy day (as the forecasters kept saying about this nor'easter) and looked outside to see snowflakes falling! Apparently the forecast changed while I was sleeping, and we are getting 2-4" of snow through tonight. I know people will likely grumble about winter coming too soon, but I stocked up on wool socks, fleece lined leggings, and even got boots with more tread than usual. I'M READY!

When the snow started falling I knew exactly which tea to pluck from my cabinet. Harney & Son's "Holiday Tea" is perfectly warm and soft. From their website: "Our Holiday blend tastes of orange and cloves with hints of vanilla and almond." It is medium bodied, and makes a golden brown cup. The tea in the tin is so pretty with the pieces of red safflower amongst the black leaves and orange pieces. I brewed up a pot and watched the snowflakes fall with some Fleet Foxes playing. Perfect way to relax before work!

holiday tea.

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