Monday, November 5, 2012

out & about.

amber. (one of Ryan's cats -- Amber!)
 morning rituals. 
I got Ryan a burr grinder for our anniversary a while back, and he used it to grind beans from La Colombe -- a Phildelphian coffee roasting company. I couldn't believe how much smoother his morning coffee was after grinding it fresh and brewing immediately afterward. Delicious, and I'm not even a coffee girl! I have a little stash of tea at his house, and he grinds and pours hot water over his coffee while I steep my leaves.

the pour. (Ryan was kind enough to pour the water so I could snap an ~action shot~.)
  ginger sencha.

I decided to drink some Ginger Sencha from NM Tea Co., because Smokey Russian Caravan would be a bit too harsh on my stomach after devouring the amazing breakfast Ryan cooked up for me.

We went to H&M to pick up a few new winter basics. I had just gotten a new wool coat at NY&Co for 40% off (I love you, gigantic sale) and Ryan managed to find a really warm jacket and some nice button downs. I had to resist temptation over a pair of black patent rainboots they had on display ... with little bows on the back.

bowling. not so great at bowling.

We ended the night with a celebratory bowling gathering for a friend! On my very first roll I managed to get a strike and sucked consistently afterward. I did get a strike on my last turn, and got a few strikes after my first tries. One of our friends works at the bowling alley and was able to get a 6lb ball for me after the 10lb one started hurting my little hand/arm. I had forgotten how much fun bowling is!

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