Thursday, December 13, 2012

incredibly excited for the hobbit tonight!

supreme breakfast tea.

I am seeing The Hobbit tonight, and couldn't be MORE excited! I've been listening to the soundtrack since it was released and have been going over some of my favorite portions in the book.  I read the book when I was rather young, and it left quite an impression on me (as did the Lord of the Rings trilogy & The Silmarillion.)

Rarely do I get this excited over enduring crowds for a midnight release! I'm hoping to see many hobbits, wizards, dwarves, and elves outside the theater tonight. :)

Today I'm drinking what I feel is the most "hobbity" tea I have, out of my favorite rustic stoneware teacup!

Harney & Sons "Supreme Breakfast" is strong, dark, and malty. Makes me think of the raw wildflower honey this area produces which looks like molasses. I can imagine some of the folk from The Shire brewing a pot of this up before tending to their gardens and livestock. Plays very nicely with cream, sugar, and meadowfoam honey. In reality, it can be taken in whichever way you prefer and will still be delicious and perk you right up!

curious cat.
(Chai even wanted a cup of it!)

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

december arrives.

yet to fall.

Apologies for the small bout of inactivity. Our family owns a 12 year old yellow lab and his health suddenly took a turn for the worse. He has congestive heart failure, but our veterinarian has given us medication and he seems to be improving for the time being. It's hard to be creative and outgoing when one of your best childhood friends has suddenly become very, very mortal in your eyes.

I mean, in his youth he was a tank. He was hit by a SNOW PLOW and was tossed about and then popped out of the snow happily bounding back to me and my dad while we stood frozen in absolute horror.

I'm still waiting to develop film. I hate making separate trips to get things processed -- I much prefer having a wave of photos come in all in one go. I can't wait to see what my old reliable camera has captured. I was a little bit worried that the internal light meter battery would have expired (I think I last changed it in 2004...) but it seemed to function well enough! I just wish I had the forethought to unpack my little remote cable so the lower lit shots wouldn't have any sort of blur to them.

the tea drinker. golden.

I am pictured drinking Harney & Sons "Mangalam FTGFOP Or. 664." It is absolutely delicious! I was pleasantly surprised when I decided to try this tea out while restocking my plain black blends/breakfast teas. I'm a real sucker for good Assams. It is a beautiful reddish caramel cup and the flavor is so smooth and comforting. They mentioned on their page that the aroma is sweet and toasty, and I couldn't agree more. When they also mentioned "toast with dark honey spread on top" I couldn't get that association out of my head, and it has since become my favorite tea to drink while eating a little bit of cinnamon toast with raw almond honey on top!