Monday, October 28, 2013

october chill.


Around this time last year Hurricane Sandy hit the area and stripped the local trees of all their pretty fall foliage. Not only did we get thrust straight into wintery conditions ... but we lost power for several days and had to huddle around my father's woodburning stove to keep warm. We were more fortunate to have a less chaotic autumn this time around and as such Ryan and I took the opportunity to visit Tyler State Park to appreciate the turning leaves. It just so happens that we picked a perfect day to do so ...  it was a clear 55 degrees out, the sun was shining, and people were harvesting corn from the fields within the park grounds. 

along the trail.

Every path within the forest was covered with leaves. It was one of those idyllic autumn days. After our walk we immediately went and picked up some spiced wine and were happy to receive a batch of sausage lentil soup from my father. We cozied up in our apartment and relaxed for quite some time.

And, speaking of the apartment, the landlord was NOT lying when he said the building got cold! I suppose I underestimated the exposed stone's ability to retain the cold from outside. Our radiators kick on and warm the downstairs portion of our apartment, but the loft doesn't have pipes that go that far up, and as such we have to flick on a cheesy fake fireplace heater. The radiators don't stay on as well, which is disappointing. They'll be oozing warmth for a whole 10 minutes before it starts to fade away. It's like the building thermostat is situated in the basement where I assume some mysterious temperature-controlling arctic native lives.

The chill has increased my tea consumption tenfold, though. I might need to invest in a nice thick mug to simply hold and warm my fingers with throughout the winter! I've recently fallen in love with the charm of Polish bubble mugs! They look like the sort of cup a hobbit would use during colder months. :)

morning tea.

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  1. i love these photographs in the woods of both of you! also, your teacup is a dream and i'd love to sip some tea from it!

    lindsey louise


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