Monday, March 25, 2013

winter's last hurrah.

winter stays.

I was very surprised this morning to see heavy snowflakes falling as the sun rose this morning. Nothing had stuck to the grass or roads yet, but I got to watch the snow accumulate through my little window at work. All day people complained about the weather, but I'll admit that I found it pretty and peaceful. We got very little snow this winter so I was glad to see it despite the first day of spring having passed us by.

I took dayshift hours at work and have found myself struggling with the fact that I cannot have tea after 5pm if I want to get to sleep at a reasonable hour. I figured it didn't affect me so much ... until I was laying restless in bed at midnight. Having to get up at 6am daily is a rough transition, and because of that I've had little energy to take photos or write much. I think that period of rough transition is coming to pass, and I'm so relieved.

[instaxmini] tea time.

I'm finally getting around to getting my instax mini shots uploaded to my flickr account. I'll shamefully admit that I was too lazy to take a photo of a physical photograph. Having no scanner makes getting a nice import of my instant shots a bit of a pain. I hope to post many more in the future. :D

I forgot how fun instant cameras were ... but then I also forgot how expensive each exposure is. I wasted quite a few shots trying to figure out how to manipulate the settings. Picked up an extra shift at work, and that will help justify buying another set of film packs (maybe.)

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