Monday, February 11, 2013

korean bbq, my new favorite thing.

korean bbq.

Ryan and I went out with some friends and had Korean BBQ for the first time. I've always been a huge fan of interactive dining (ie: hibachi) and I was super excited to try this! I'll admit I also found it very daunting. We ordered, under the counsel of a friend who knew the joint, the samgyeopsal and bulgogi.

It seemed safe enough! Pork belly and seasoned marinated beef! 

I was delighted when the waiter brought out little platters of each condiment/side dish ... except when he placed tiny sardines and green peppers in front of me. Ryan was grinning while I stared in mild horror. The boys egged me on talking about the texture and bones while I busied myself with the salad and kimchi. 

The waiter then flicked on the table grill and threw the samgyeopsal on for us, and from that point forward I was in food heaven. I was instructed to make a little wrap with the lettuce and what condiments I would like. I added some tasty miso paste stuff to mine, as well as plenty of kimchi and some seared garlic. I felt like such a slob while the grease dripped out of the lettuce and down over my knuckles, but after a few bites I stopped caring and proceeded without caution. The same went for the bulgogi. It was so messy that eventually I decided NOT to wreck my dress and ate out of my little bowl neatly with chopsticks. 

I had no idea such a fun little BBQ restaurant was so close to us. I think I might prefer this to hibachi, especially because noodles weren't a huge portion of the meal. It was meat, veggies, kimchi, and I think the noodles were actually rice, but I wasn't brave enough to risk it without looking up what it actually was.

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