Friday, January 11, 2013

my computer feels like home again.

teapot bath.

My mom & dad, upon hearing the plight of the untimely hard drive death, tacked on another Christmas present and ordered me a new one before my payday came by! I was so excited to upload and edit the photos I had taken during my period of photoshoplessness. Ryan assisted me in the install, and saved me from wailing about it being DOA (we just needed to tell my computer that it was ready and waiting.)

During that period I drank lots of a summer 2012 harvest of Laoshan black tea with my yixing set. Doesn't my little teapot look so happy when it is being rinsed with hot water? :') I also got impatient with an order I had taking FOREVER to arrive from China (gaiwan glassware!) and ordered a surprisingly lovely gaiwan off of Amazon! Immediately brewed up my remaining stash of a very floral Tie Guan Yin from a local tea shop.

iron goddess of mercy.

I'm seriously so happy to have my computer fully functioning once again. I have all my belly dance music I've collected over the years back, and can resume my practice sessions with my favorite songs. :) All my photos are accessible, and I can install other programs that don't belong on my SSD! Yayyyyy!!

How has your new year been so far? 

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