Wednesday, May 20, 2015

may beauty favorites.

Hello lovelies! Seeing as the semester has ended and I've got a break before summer session begins, I thought I'd share a few of my favorite things! I know I usually bring tea reviews to the table, but I figured I'd switch it up and share my girlier side. These are a few of my current beauty staples.

1. Too Faced Cocoa Powder Foundation & Sweethearts Blush: I use a BB cream daily but I've found that the summery warmth has made my face an oil machine! The cocoa powder foundation totes a "rose petal matte finish" and it's a pretty accurate description! It manages my oil production, sets my BB cream, and keeps me matte. Added bonus: it smells like I'm dusting Swiss Miss hot cocoa onto my face. Yum! The sweethearts blush adds a healthy wash of shimmery color to my pale complexion.

2. B├ęsame Classic Color Lipstick in Red Velvet 1946: I maaaaaaybe bought this lipstick because it's the shade Peggy Carter wears in Agent Carter (best show ever). It's a beautiful deep satin red which is highly pigmented and moisturizing. My go-to red was Russian Red by MAC, but I found that this is less drying and sits on my lips better.

3. Tarteist Clay Paint Liner: I wear cat eye liner all day every day. When I saw that Tarte came out with a liner in a tube with a brush included I simply had to try it out! It's pretty interesting -- there is a small dish area at the end of the tube which the liner squeezes directly into. You can dip the brush into that dish and paint it on! So far the staying power is pretty great. It did smudge a tiny bit on my oily eyelids, but I neglected to prime them that day.

I have to take back my recommendation for the Tarteist liner. The brush broke and I found that the liner never truly sets. I accidentally brushed my winged liner and it turned into a smudgey nightmare. Had a case of raccoon eyes after a sneeze attack too! Boo hiss. Back to my tried and true Stila Stay All Day Liner pens!

4. L'Occitane Hand Cream: I kinda wish L'Occitane hand creams weren't so phenomenal. Honestly, they're pretty darn expensive for a small amount of product! I've tried numerous alternatives but I always go and buy a tube when I'm in my local Sephora. I wash my hands often and this is the only hand cream I've used that truly prevents my skin from cracking. It absorbs quickly and works well enough that I don't need to constantly reapply. Amande & Vanilla Bouquet are my favorite scents!

5. Diptyque - Eau Duelle: Last, but certainly not least, is my favorite perfume. I had taken a break from wearing this because I wanted to embrace florals once spring hit. I recently spritzed it on a whim and wondered why I felt the need to play by the seasonal perfume rules. This scent, even on a hot day, smells INCREDIBLE. Bourbon vanilla swirls with notes of black tea, juniper, frankincense, and pepper. The sillage stays close to the wearer (not a perfume bomb that fills a room) but it lasts all day. It's not a youthful super sweet cakey vanilla scent -- it's herbaceous, deep, and dark. This is my signature scent: appropriate that it smells like a good creamy chai latte!

Hope you guys liked this little departure from the norm! I'm hoping to post things of a greater variety on here in addition to the teas I review. Having a blog is such a nice little outlet to write about things I enjoy!

Since I only have one class this summer you'll be seeing me around more often! This semester was filled with a great deal of work, but the time I spent on it paid off! In the fall I'm probably presenting my big ol' research paper to a conference. It was so well-received by faculty that they insisted I submit it. Is it sad that I've already researched how to present research papers including spoken citations? Eep! You can never be too prepared for things like that!


  1. I wear BB creams too. Love how much better they are than regular foundation. You may want to try face blotting sheets if you get oily. Shiseido makes a purse-friendly carry pack of 100 sheets that is really easy to use. I use one sheet when I'm getting oily and that's usually enough to "matte" me for the rest of the day, even in summer. I got a sample of 30 Tatcha blotting sheets from a Barney's order and am using those. They are more expensive than Shiseido but work well too and they are fancy with gold flecks on the sheets. When these are done though I think I'll go back to the Shiseido ones.

    I really like Diptyque perfumes. I want to get full bottles of L'ombre Dans L'eau (shadow in the water), which is a light, green and tea rose perfume and Tam Dao, which is a lovely woodsy sandalwood. I have a sample of Eau Duelle and agree it's a great vanilla that isn't too sweet or overwhelming.

    1. BB creams are incredible. I'm so glad companies are making a wide variety of lightweight and natural looking products for the face. I have some holiday blotting sheets from Boscia that have peppermint in them -- I love them! The only problem is that my skin gets so oily in some spots that my BB cream blots right off with the oil. Hence, I've resorted to using a powder to set. It's supposed to be a "foundation" but it's pretty much a sheer powder that lasts forever.

      Ohhh, I love L'ombre Dans L'eau! I had a sample vial of the EDP and it was beautiful. Opted for Eau Duelle because my skin chemistry responds better to warmer notes like vanilla and resins. Florals and green notes tend to get screechy and bitter on my skin after an hour or so. I want them to work but my skin refuses to cooperate! :'(