Thursday, January 22, 2015

teacup thursday: mankota exotic assam.

mankota exotic assam.

In an effort to start reviewing teas regularly again I've decided to start Teacup Thursdays! Classes started have started and I think adhering to a schedule will help keep this blog lively while I dive headfirst into school. It will also give me a sort of goal for reviewing the pile of generous tea samples accumulating in my room.

Yesterday was an interesting start to the semester! I managed to sit in on the wrong psych class due to a really confusing room change sign. I sat through the entire syllabus overview because by the time I realized something was amiss I was quite beyond the point of making a subtle exit. My actual psych teacher really enjoyed my mortified explanation of absence as I hustled over to the correct classroom immediately afterward, thank goodness.

ANYWAY! On to the delicious tea in my cup today! Golden Tips Tea was kind enough to send me several samples of their fine teas, and I decided to start off with the Mankota Exotic Assam! This is the sort of black tea that gets all the high notes right. The result? A dark-looking brew that is surprisingly airy and refreshing! The first sip is sweet and nutty, which then rounds out into a note reminiscent of lightly toasted bread. It's substantial but never heavy. From there the aftertaste is sweet like honey with a pleasantly sharp note that permeates the senses to remind you that this Assam isn't of the usual darker fare.

Funny enough, as I was thinking about how uplifting this tea was, the clouds cleared and I was blasted from sunshine from my window. That's the perfect way to think of this cup: an unexpected burst of brightness from a type of tea that is usually astringent and dark. Thank you for this sample, Golden Tips Tea!

This is the sort of perfectly happy cup to lighten my mood while I desperately search for my textbooks online! The bookstore had a line down the hallway and I am loathe to give them money following a very nasty experience with their "bookbag" policy. I can understand leaving my backpack at the door fairly unguarded ... but my purse? No way!!!

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